a2ru 2019

A Groundworks Edition

The 2019 theme, knowledges: artistic practice as method is an invitation to explore modes of knowing, especially as arrived through the discovery of artistic practice. This theme is anchored in, but not limited to, the following questions: How do artistic practices map onto other methods of knowledge production? If contemporary artists are trained from the outset to be critical of their medium(s), how might this critical reflection inform more discrete disciplines, which often treat academic form as neutral vessels for the delivery of content? What can researchers across the arts, sciences, and humanities learn from one another’s practices and approaches?

As part of this year's a2ru conference we are piloting our new scholarship platform, GroundWorks. We invite authors selected for inclusion in this year's conference program to also prepare an extended abstract. This will be reviewed in a two-stage process with feedback at both stages. The first is a short letter of interest where you will be asked to provide a summary of your project. The second will ask you to detail your project by creating a narrative with supporting media.

Project Criteria

We’re looking for projects with:

  • the arts at their core,
  • a mix of disciplines engaged,
  • a research component to at least part of project,
  • an attention to the nuances and complexities of arts-integrative work,
  • outcomes with demonstrated impact,
  • innovative processes that lead to new modes of interdisciplinary production, and
  • a demonstrated understanding of the project’s context and precedent.

To learn more about Groundworks - an arts-integrative and peer review publishing platform created by a2ru - you can read more in the platform description

Editorial Committee

Managing editor

Coordinates all submissions and reviews for this edition

Veronica Stanich

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